Beautiful postmodern traditional church design

I came across this church and had to share…


The Maxim Velcovsky along with designer Jakub Berdych under from Qubus Studio redesigned the interior of St. Bartholomew’s church in Eastern Bohemia.


I know looks aren’t everything… but this is amazing!


I’ve always been torn between old traditional church building adorned with stain glass windows and stonewalls, and the postmodern interior design. This is a perfect blend of the two. You feel the connection with tradition, however it’s reimaged and connects speaks to the future. Moreover, it feels deeply spiritual. The chairs look like saints or angels on bended knee, yet with the four chairs in the front the idea of authority is not centralized in one place or figure. There is instead a panel or counsel leading in front of the community. And without a pulpit the leader is venerable and open to the people. Overall, the design is deeply authentic and welcoming.

For more about this church or its designers check out this link or search St. Bartholomew’s from Qubus Studio.

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