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Inspiration does not equate with originality.

There is a common misconception that the dogma of inspiration is concurrent with the notion that all of the Scriptures were unique to their time period, location, and culture. This is simply incorrect.

The Scriptures are contextual documents that at times draw from, use, quote, and respond to other contemporary documents.

The idea that the Scriptures were completely original in content, shape, language, and concept complicates and stretches the logic of the dogma of Inspiration beyond reason, and without purpose.

The Scriptures are unashamedly written by the hands of men, yet, claim to be of the inspiration of God. To understand this concept we can liken it to the incarnation, where God chose to display himself to humanity by taking on the likeness of man. Likewise Scriptural inspiration is how God chose to display himself through the language, culture, and the individual expression of frail human authors. The message was inspired but the author framed the delivery.

Understanding the important distinction between inspiration and origination is critical to making sense of textual criticism and deescalating historical similarities.

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