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Poetry & Prose: Selected works written over Lent


I feel like a blind man in your sight.

I feel lost in your presence.

My life is yours. These are not words.

It is day 2, but what I say is true.

I know it will get darker before it gets light,

But I am with you through it all.

I trust in you.

You are my providence, my grace,

My comfort. And though I walk

Through the valley of the shadow

Of death I will fear no evil.

You are here.

You are my God, My King, My savior.

You are never far from me.

When I cannot see you, it is

Because my eyes have dimmed,

Not because your presence has been taken away.

Take me by the hand.

Take me with you.

I wan to see what you see.


My soul will not be crushed.

I am waiting on the glory

Of the risen Lord.

Although it feels like I

Have been led into the

Desert to die, starve and,

To laid waste by my

Enemies you are with

Me and my trust is in you

Egypt in its worst has

Become a temptation to

Me again. Yet I know the

Promise Land lay ahead of me.

One step, one prayer, one day

Closer to your glory.

I will go where you are.

I will close my eyes and

Walk by faith. I will go

Where the sounds of shrieks

Shake my soul, but it is where

Your voice says, “I am here.”

Living under the rule of God

Is like treasure I have sold

My life to go after.

You are all I want.

Something in the way

Is there something in the way?

Is there something between us?

Something that is stopping me from reaching you?

Touching you?

Seeing you?

Is that something in the way me?

Could it be you?

Could you be holding me off?

Is there something I’m not

Ready to see, experience, know?

If I were to see you

Would I still believe?

You came in humble human form.

Its hard to image my King

In beggars clothes.

Its hard to image my king

In flesh at all.

You have become the mythical

Dream figure I long to know,

But something in me says

Ill never see.

I’m so caught up on judging

By what my eyes can

See that I often miss

You outright, altogether.


One maybe two say

I’m lucky to have met you

Three maybe four say

I’m crazy and you’re not real

Five maybe six say

I’m intolerant of their views because of you

Seven maybe eight say

I’m just like them; our gods are all the same

Nine maybe ten say

That’s nice but it is not for me

Eleven maybe twelve say

They believe but their lives have not changed


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No More Sea.

Throughout the Scriptures, both Old and New Testament, the seas and oceans represented Chaos and wickedness. These large and deep bodies of water are host to the mighty unknown, and reckless and destructive power. Even in our modern age our titian vessels and ports cannot withstand the devastating power of the seas. Only God has the power to control the mighty seas. God separated the waters of the Red Sea, and closed them on the invading army. and when Jesus calmed the storm that was about to swallow the disciples as they were on the water, this was the major turning point for them to recognize Jesus as God.

God spends 3 days ordering and separating the waters in Genesis chapter 1.

Day 1: The Earth is formless and void, and the Spirit of God was moving over the waters. Gen1:2

Day 2: God separates the water to form the sky and the seas. Gen 1:6&7

Day 3: God gathers the seas and lets dry land appear. Gen 1:9

*It is interesting to note that God is never recorded created the waters. The waters are just there, just as evil is there in the Garden of Eden to tempt mankind after creation.

The waters represent chaos. However, God does not remove the chaos, but he organizes and separates it, causing good to rise from it. Like all things evil seeks to destroy God can use to form life. Jesus claimed “I am the resurrection and the life,” a claim the God of the Old testament establishes on many occasions. God gives life to the barren womb of many, and springs of living water in the midst of the desert..

Furthermore, it seems like from the beginning God did not intend to destroy the chaos, but to order it. To me this parallels God’s allowance for man to choose evil that was provided in creation. Although evil was not God’s intention for man.

Then at the time when mankind’s choice for chaos and wickedness had almost overwhelmed his love for God, God released the waters of chaos unto the earth to cleansed it and humanity. God used the very representation of the thing man was seeking for in place of God to bring his judgment. The flood also used to foreshadow the coming judgment fallen humanity will face before the Holy God in 2 Peter.

However, when all is said and done. Once evil is finally destroyed. The waters of chaos will also be done away with.

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.”

(Revelation 21:1)


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